Deviation from the Norm

July 13, 2011

So, I’ve been on kind of a Norm Macdonald kick lately – Netflix has the seasons of SNL during which he was the ‘Weekend Update’ anchor, and I ALWAYS look forward to his segments. He has theee most hilarious deadpan expression and voice, and… I don’t know, this mischievous glint in his eyes. It’s sometimes almost as if he’s telling jokes in spite of the audience, solely for his own amusement.

He also employs a number of recurring gags. To name a few:

'You guessed it - Frank Stallone!'

He’ll read something out of the news, for instance some state’s plans to abolish the statute of limitations for rape, and then he’ll pull out a tape recorder and take a ‘note to self’ – “Note to self: Don’t go back to [Name of State].”

He’ll follow something out of the news with “Or so the Germans would have us believe,” and then stare into the camera for a good 20 seconds.

If a Michael Jackson joke (of which there are many) goes over weak, he’ll follow it with “You know the guy’s a homosexual pedophile, right?”

Frank Stallone. “And finally, the number-one-selling doll this Christmas is Tickle Me Elmo. And the LEAST-popular-selling doll? You guessed it: Tickle Me Frank Stallone.”


‘Me,’ colon ‘Kitsch,’ colon ‘A Rope of Sand’

July 13, 2011

So, in case my introductory post was insufficient, I thought I ought to introduce myself more formally and in some more detail.

I’m Matthew Blythe, an aspiring writer and avid consumer of pop culture in all of its avenues (as I think it says on my… Gravatar profile, whatever the fuck that is). I love books and I LOVE kitsch, both of which I hope to feature extensively in the blog.

Kitsch is one of those slippery concepts, but I think of it as… for instance the moment on SNL where Jim Breuer and Colin Quinn’re doing the umpteenth edition of the ‘Joe Pesci Show’ sketch, and their REAL-LIFE COUNTERPARTS, Pesci and De Niro, walk out to a solid two minutes of thunderous applause, Quinn and Breuer go dead silent, and Pesci kneecaps them both – that’s kitschy, right?

OR, the end of that episode of Family Guy with the nuclear holocaust, where it turns out the whole thing was Pamela Ewing’s dream and Bobby asks ‘What’s Family Guy?’ THAT’S KITSCHY, RIGHT?

So, I live for that shit. How ’bout you?