BSS for Satan

July 13, 2011

First things first – I’m not the mysterious stranger of the title. It’s a reference dually to Mark Twain’s The Mysterious Stranger and to Camus’ L’Étranger, so… that’s not pretentious. I’m not especially mysterious, though I guess at this point I’m a stranger to most of you – assuming my readership consists of more than… anyone to whom I’ve PERSONALLY sent the link.

Anyway, I started the blog because I found my head was full of (as Peggy Hill would say) musings, and I thought it might be cathartic to take some of them down.

So, I’m reading The Mysterious Stranger Manuscripts, an assembly of… three theretofore-unpublished manuscripts which comprise Mark Twain’s final work.

The first of the three is called ‘The Chronicle of Young Satan,’ and I’ve got to say – Young Satan is HOT. Here’s his intro in the book:

He had new and good clothes on, and was handsome and had a winning face and a pleasant voice, and was easy and graceful and unembarrassed, not diffident like other boys.”

“He was bent on putting us at ease, and he had the right art; one could not remain timorous and doubtful where a person was so earnest and simple and gentle and talked so alluringly as he did; no, he won us over, and it was not long before we were content and comfortable and chatty, and glad we had found this new friend.”

So, you see what I’m saying.

Later on he goes into these rants, the crux of which is how pathetic/evanescent man and his achievements are.

Have to say, it made me love him MORE. I think I’ve got Battered Spouse Syndrome for Satan.